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Get Fake Experience Certificate in India

0Recently, Tech Mahindra had dismissed some of its employees after a thorough check of experience certificates of all new recruits was carried out by them. Needless to say, the dismissed employees were working there on the basis of fake experience certificate. The company has also said that they are going to take legal action against those employees since they have made a fraud.

The problem of Fake Experience Certificate is really big in India. Though, almost all IT companies have in built protection to deal with it, but the fake experience certificate providers have overshadowed their efforts by ensuring a sort of life time verification process.

Who is Responsible?

Companies must take a pie of blame behind the problems of fake experience certificate. If a student don’t get a job after the first year of passing out then the job hunting process becomes quite tough for him/her. Companies indiscriminately ask for experience holder even though the job doesn't demand something like that. Imagine a student not going for a job and instead decided to try his hand for Civil Services. If he doesn’t clear the Civil Services then his life is going to become a sort of hell because job searching for him will become a real tedious one. When PSU can employ according to the age criteria then why these private companies don’t institutionalize something like that?
Secondly, students should blame themselves for fake experience certificate issue. Though, there happens to be some genuine reasons for not getting a job after the first year of passing out, but even then they should try to make themselves placed in even a small company and then try to get better in terms of career. They will always get self satisfaction if they decide to struggle rather than committing a fraud and getting the job. It is amazing that in India engineers are working with fake experience certificate without getting any serious questions from their own ‘soul’. They can also be taken to the court if something wrong happen. Then, they should think that by using fake experience certificate what they are doing is blocking the chance of a genuine candidate. Something like this may also happen with them in future.



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How these companies work?
Generally, these companies send mail to someone who is willing to get a certificate. They continuously check relevant forum to get mail address of aspirants. Generally, they charge from 10,000 to 15,000 for this purpose. Lots of companies have developed their own call center from where they handle all calls for verification. In Delhi, lots of educational institutes which are proclaiming to arrange ‘Live Training’ are doing this crime. Just 10 students in a month can make them richer.

IF You Still Want:

Get Fake Experience Certificate and Pay Later


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