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Lal Kitab: Is It a Fraud?

Lal Kitab (Red Book) remedies are quick-fix solutions that you can get for almost all real life problems. Lal Kitab being one of the most popular parts of Indian astrology provides these solutions according to your date of birth and zodiac sign. There are some famous remedies that you need to look upon to understand its efficacy, and need.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Bad Eye

In Northern India bad eye or ‘kaali nazar’ is quite famous or notorious, whatever you say. It means someone staring at you in such a manner that you instantly start to feel awkward and moreover that stare can lead to adverse situations even death. Surprised? The existence of any bad eye has not been proved by science, and it will never be. In reality there is nothing like bad eye or kaali nazar. It was started by priest in medieval India to give a new avenue for their businesses. Now let us a look on Lal Kitab remedies for this ‘problem’:

-  Take a piece of alum (fitkari). Ask the affected person to sit somewhere and give the alum 21 rounds around him. Now go to the nearby chauraha - square and throw this piece of alum in the southward direction. That’s all. You are done. The bad eye will be gone.

- Take some milk and give it 7 rounds to the affected person on Saturday or Sunday. Now let a black dog to drink this milk.

These are two famous remedies among many others for bad eye. People are using it and if you also think it to be fine, use it. If you will not use these methods, rest assured nothing will happen. There is no bad eye and hence there can’t be any remedy.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Good Job and Career

Hold your breadth. You are going to find an easy solution to get a better job with five digit salary. Don’t worry if you are not qualified. If you are preparing for any competitive examination, stop. There is no need to prepare when you can get a good job with such an easy method. Let us have a look on this remedy:

- Take a lemon and cut it into four. Now go to the near square (chauraha) and throw one piece in each direction. Don’t go anywhere and return directly to the home. Repeat this ‘nonsense’ for 11 days and you will get the job.
It is easy, terrific, and scintillating. No? International Labor Organization (ILO) works hard to understand the rationale behind growing unemployment around the world. The organization gives lots of suggestion to increase employment for both developing and developed countries. You can say that this United Nation (UN) organization is run by ignorant. They should ask their member countries to make a rule to follow the above mentioned simple remedies and the problem of unemployment will be over. As any sane person can say, remedies of Lal Kitab are nothing but a sort of superstition.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Business

Indian astrologers always love business. They are also doing business and amazingly their main client base can be found among business fraternity. Lal Kitabhas also one solution to make your business grow. Have a look:
- Take 5 gomati chakras and keep it into a red cloth. Now tie the cloth at the entrance of your shop, office, etc. It is further suggested to tie it on Friday after 11:30 PM.
It is already done by many shopkeepers in India. Nothing new is here apart from the suggested day and time. Needless to say it is also a superstition. It doesn't have any logic.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Loan and Debt

So you are in debt. Naturally you want to come out of it. But for that you need to make a prudent financial planning and strictly follow that. Just show a little bit of foresight and you can erase debts from your life. Wait.Lal Kitab also offers some suggestions for debt. Here are some of them:
- Pour water on Peepal Tree for six consecutive Saturday. You should bring water from cemetery well. [What if you don’t find a cemetery well?]
- Feed black dog brad with oil on Saturday.
It seems people who are behind Lal Kitab hate black dog. Or they consider it the crux of all problems. Anyway, you need to keep this in mind that no these remedies are not going to make you debt free. Debts – personal, sovereign, or corporate – are necessary evil in these times. All you need is perfect financial planning. Take the case of Greece (reeling under sovereign debt). No Lal Kitab remedies will work there.

There is nothing!!!
In a nutshell, I would like to say only one thing. Lal Kitab is nothing but a fraud, a scam that is snatching money from gullible people. When a well researched book doesn't cost more than Rs. 500, Lal Kitab may cost you around Rs. 3,000. Why these people charge so much money for this book?
You may ask – if Lal Kitab is fake then why people are investing money and buying it? The answer is quite simple and straight. First they are doing magnetic marketing. You can see people selling Lal Kitab on television. Then, these books works sometimes because of placebo effects – you feel better because you think that you are being treated. Superstition thrives because of this dangerous combination of placebo and illiteracy coupled with insecurity. Remember these astrologers run their business on your insecurity. Stay awake!