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Maximum Withdrawal Limit of UCO Bank ATM Per Day

In certain parts of India, Uco Bank is the most prominent banks of India. It is a nationalized bank. However, it doesn’t advertise its policies widely. You will seldom find Uco Bank running an advertisement campaign to reach new customers. Even old customers sometimes find in foreign land when it comes to using various schemes and cards of Uco Bank. One of those problems are complete negligence regarding the maximum withdrawal limit that the bank places on its ATM cum Debit card holders. This article is an attempt to fill that gap.

If you don’t know the limit of your card, you can’t use it to full potential. In this world of online and PoS payment, it is imperative to know what your debit card holds for you.

You can find Uco Bank ATM throughout India. However, there is no denying that the number of ATM kiosks is quite less than other banks of same scale. You can definitely use other banks ATM, but there is going to be some charge for doing that. In this condition, it will be better for you to know how much money you can withdraw from Uco debit card daily.

As a matter of fact, Uco Bank ATM accepts all cards which show logo of VISA, MASTERCARD and Maestro. Wondering about your new RuPay ATM Debit Card? Uco Bank ATM will also accept that.

The Maximum Withdrawal Limit of Uco Bank ATM Card:

If you want to know the limit, you are required to check the type of debit card that the bank has issued to you. You might know that Uco Bank issues lots of different debit cards. And, all types of cards have different withdrawal limit. Check the type of your card and match that with the following information to know the limit.

Classic Card (VISA):

 It is the most basic card of Uco Bank. It comes with VISA logo. The withdrawal limit is also the most basic. You can withdraw Rs. 25, 000 per day using this card in a day. Apart from that, you can also use this card for shopping. The limit for Point of Sale is Rs. 25, 000. Hence the maximum daily limit of this card is Rs. 50, 000 which can definitely is optimum for general savings account holders.

EMV Card (VISA): 

This type of card is also issued with VISA logo. If you go through all details, you will find that there is no change in the maximum withdrawal limit with this card. You can withdraw cash from ATM kiosk for up to Rs. 25, 000. Similarly, the point of sale limit is Rs. 25, 000, as with the Classic ATM Card.

Gold Card (VISA): 

This card comes with little better limit. If you have salary account with Uco Bank, you may automatically get Gold ATM Card. The maximum withdrawal limit with this card is Rs. 50, 000 and the maximum daily shopping limit through point of sale kiosk is Rs. 50, 000. Hence, the maximum daily limit of Gold Card is Rs. 1 Lakh.

Signature Card (VISA): 

This card is also issued with VISA logo. The striking feature of this card is its inclination to help shoppers. Yes. The maximum withdrawal limit through ATM kiosk is same to that of Gold Card, Rs. 50, 000. However, when it comes to shopping using your debit card, you can shop for up to Rs. 2, 00, 000.

Platinum Card (VISA): 

The card is issued to small corporate customers. The maximum withdrawal limit through ATM is Rs. 50, 000. However, the maximum limit at point of sale for shopping is Rs. 1 Lakh.

KCC (RuPay) Card: 

It is a RuPay Debit Card. And, hence an attempt has been made to provide the most basic features to customers. This card is generally issued to farmers who have savings account at Uco Bank. If you have Jan Dhan Yojna Savings Account with Uco Bank, you will be issued with the same limit as KCC and Classic Card. The withdrawal limit of this card is similar to that of Classic Card (mentioned in the first point).

Note down these information according to the type of your cards. This handy information will help you to decide better in terms of finances.


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