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Maximum Daily Withdrawal Limit of SBI ATM

When it comes to the daily withdrawal limit of ATM cum Debit card, none Indian based bank matches the State Bank of India (SBI). The daily limit is way ahead with SBI ATM cards even for the basic savings account, which is the Classic ATM cum Debit card.

Apart from the withdrawal limit, SBI ATM card is also the best when you are going for shopping. The limit for shopping with debit card is also the best in the industry. Ask any retailers or merchant shops, and you will always find them offering services through SBI ATM cards. This article is an attempt to list out the entire spectrum of withdrawal limit of SBI ATM Cards.

SBI Classic ATM Cards

You will get SBI Classic ATM cards, when you open a basic savings account. The old card is printed in yellow (with blue logo). The picture of the new card is given below to help you recognize the type of card you are holding.

Daily limit of SBI Classic ATM Card

Following is the daily maximum withdrawal limit of SBI Classic Card

Maximum Limit: Rs.40,000
Minimum Limit: Rs. 100

The amount of money you can withdraw in a single transaction will depend on the type of ATM machine. For example, some machine issues only Rs. 1000 denomination notes. In that machine, you can withdraw Rs. 20000 in a single transaction. In majority of machine, you may not withdraw more than Rs. 15000 in a single transaction. Whatever the mode, you can always withdraw for up to Rs. 40000 with your Classic ATM card.

Apart from withdrawing cash through ATM kiosks, you can also use your card for shopping. The limit for this purpose is Rs. 50000. It means to say that you can withdraw for up to Rs. 90000 through your classic ATM card (of which Rs. 50000 is bracketed as indirect withdrawal through shopping).

Apart from that, you can always get FreedomRewardz points while using the card for shopping. The more you will use card for shopping, the more reward points you will have. There is vast array of opportunities where you can spend these rewards point (you will not get cash, but you can dine out, fly around and do other stuffs absolutely free).

SBI Silver International Debit Card

Are you planning to go abroad and wondering about shopping there? SBI Silver International Debit Card might be a good solution for you. Just apply for this card in your home branch. Following is the maximum withdrawal limit of this SBI Card:

Maximum: Rs. 40000 in domestic market, and US Dollar 1000 (or equivalent according to the country you are using the card) for International transaction. You can use this card in any ATM machine throughout the world which displays VISA logo.

Minimum: Rs. 100. For International withdrawal, it may depend on the country by country and currencies.

Maximum Shopping Limit for Point of Sale: Rs. 75000 in India and equivalent to US Dollar 1500 for International shopping.

As you can see, with this International card there are little changes when it comes to domestic use, apart from little more daily shopping limit. However, you will have the opportunity to use this card throughout the world.  

SBI Global International Debit Card

I have used this card. However, in my opinion, it is better to bet Silver International Debit card than this one. You can find the reason through the following data:

Maximum Withdrawal Limit: Rs. 40000 in India and equivalent to Rs. 40000 in the International market. It means in the USA, you can’t withdraw more than US Dollar 650, whereas with the Silver Card you had the opportunity to withdraw for up to US Dollar 1000.

Minimum Withdrawal Limit: This is one of the main reasons why I had selected SBI Silver International Card, not the Global card. The minimum withdrawal limit with this card is Rs. 500 in India.
Further, the maximum daily shopping limit with this card is Rs. 75000 in India and equivalent to Rs. 75000 in the International market. This is obviously another downside of this card.

State Bank Gold International Card

I had applied for this card, but I was rejected. Then I had selected for the Silver Card. Though, the minimum withdrawal limit of this card in India is still Rs. 500 like the Global card, other stats are fascinating. Here are the details:

Maximum Withdrawal Limit: Rs. 50000 in India and in the International market equivalent to US Dollar 1000.

Maximum Shopping Limit: Rs. 200000 in India and equivalent US Dollar 4000 in the International market. As you can see, not only the limit for shopping in India is raised, but the limit is substantially raised for the International shopping.

Apart from that, this card also comes with a complimentary insurance program.