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FAKTU Suppository: Review and How to Use

FAKTU suppository and ointment is widely regarded as one of the easiest methods to tackle the painful issues of anus fissures or hemorrhoids. 
As you might have guessed, ointment is quite easy to use. All you need is to apply little cream over your anus. For suppository, you are required to insert it into the anus which might be quite painful at certain times.
However, medical community has always believed that suppository works better and gives result in comparatively short span of time. Hemorrhoids are always painful, so there is no harm in bearing with little more pain.
While using FAKTU , you should keep some facts in mind. The most important is the use of lubricants. I have seen many users using any sort of lubricant like petroleum jelly or Vaseline before inserting the suppository. I would always advise you against it. Remember, petroleum jelly can make your problem bigger. You need to apply a water soluble jelly like K Y Jelly.
Further, remember to use it after defecation. Try to use it for three times a day. If the problem is not big, you should get complete relief within one week. Otherwise, it may take up to three weeks. Keep in contact with your doctor, and never use FAKTU suppository without proper consultation of your doctor.