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How Mukesh Ambani Become Richest Person

Mukesh Ambani might have got a business empire from his father, but the fact remains that the success story of Reliance has lots to do with him. He formally joined the company in 1981, and since then steered it through many tough times. In this article, you will find five simple qualities that Mukesh has used in his personal style of working, which are responsible for him being the richest Indian.

Qualities of Mukesh Ambani

AAP leaders and supporters never miss any opportunity to utter shit about Mukesh Ambani. They forget that he is the CMD of India’s largest company. They forget that Reliance Industries shares are owned by more than lakhs people. They forget that Reliance Industries under the stewardship of Mukesh Ambani has created millions of jobs in India. But, that is quite political. Here we will discuss some qualities of Mukesh Ambani which makes him a successful business personality. These secrets are shared on a social networking site by one of the close confidante of Mukesh Ambani. Here we go:

1.     Quick Response to employees’ mail: Ask anyone who is working with Reliance group. If there is an email addressed to Mukesh Ambani, it will be responded within 24 hours, personally by him. Needless to say, all mails are first seen by his team and useless stuffs are discarded at the scrutiny level.

2.     Encourage Young Leaders: If Mukesh Ambani finds a youngster in Reliance who has impeccable leadership qualities, he will go out of way to enhance his/her morale. This can be attributed to the success of his business empire. When the CMD is interested in grooming young leaders, the company can easily face any tough times.

3.     Hates Bureaucracy: You will never find any sort of bureaucracy at his offices. He also tries his best to thwart any attempt of making a space for red carpet. Decisions are swiftly taken when needed without any delay.

4.     Great Listener: If you have seen any interview of Mukesh Ambani, you will notice that he listen to questions quite attentively. It is, in fact, a personal quality of him. He is a very good listener in all board meetings. He appreciates any suggestions.

5.     Keep an eye on new projects: Mukesh Ambani might have a successful business empire. However, he never forgets to keep looking for new projects. That was how he had launched Reliance Infocom. And, that is how he has recently go ahead with 4G data network in the name of Reliance Jio.

There are obviously many more personal qualities of Mukesh Ambani. But, these five are considered as best among all. 

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