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Musli Power Extra: Review and Side Effects

Musli Power Extra is one of the most selling ayurvedic medicines in India for the treatment of sexual problems. Kunnath Pharmaceuticals produces this herbal medicine. The manufacturer clearly claims that users will get extra power, extra time as well as extra pleasure. Obviously, this adjective ‘extra’ is used in the context of sexual satisfaction.

Musli Power Extra is particularly more popular in the Southern Part of India. Recently, it has tried to make an impact in the lucrative North Indian market. You can find it available in almost all chemist shops.

There is galaxy of herbal products in India in this category. However, Musli Power Extra has a special place in this world. It is also known as the Indian Viagra.

Review of Musli Power Extra

The first point you can keep in mind before using Musli Power Extra or any other similar products, you need to understand the psychological term – Placebo Effect. This effect says that your body will start to generate positive effect just because of the knowledge that you are going ahead with any treatment. Homeopathic medicine is also considered as a placebo effect. That is also quite relevant with herbal medicines related to sexual problems.

I want to say with the above paragraph is the fact that you should start treatment on your own. Make a psychological pitch for the improvement of your male organ. Think that you are going to perform better on the bed. If you are having a habit of masturbation (habitual masturbation can lead to erectile dysfunction while going for real sex), quit it. Do some exercise and stop smoking. You may start to see some marked difference in your performance. If you are still not able to make an impact on the bed, only then start Musli Power Extra.

Musli Power contains Safed Musli. As you might know, Safed Musli is considered a wonder herbal product to treat sexual problems in men. You can rely on it, if everything else is failed.

Side Effects of Musli Power Extra

If you take a look at the list of contents, you will find that it is made completely with herbal products. Because of this, you may not see any side effects after using it. However, extended use of Musli Power Extra can lead to an addiction. That is why I had advised you to not start it unless it is really necessary.

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