Ranbaxy Revital for Women: Review and Side Effects

There is no denying that Ranbaxy Revital is one of the most popular nutritious supplements of India. The stupendous success of Revital doesn't stem only from shrewd marketing (Yuvraj Singh and Salman Khan are brand ambassadors of this product), but also because of a very good product. It is especially produced to suffice the nutrient needs of working men. However, Ranbaxy observed that this product is also widely used by Indian women.

As you might know, the basic needs of men and women can be different. For example, pregnant and breastfeeding women need altogether different level of nutrition. Ranbaxy decided to launch a special product with the same brand name for women.

Review of Revital Women

Ranbaxy Revital Women should be taken by women who are above 18 years old. Hence, if you are below this age bar, avoid using it. Revital Women comes with sufficient amount of Iron and Calcium to take care of special requirement of women. According to Ranbaxy, it will keep any women physically and mentally strong. Apart from that, it can also lead to more glowing skin. This product contains 12 vitamins and 18 minerals. Needless to say, it also contains Ginseng.

Taking recommended dose of Revital Women can also keep away the sign of ageing like wrinkle on the skin.

Benefits of Reivtal Women

Following are some of the major benefits of Ranbaxy Revital for Women:

1.     It can help you to improve your concentration power.
2.     It can lead to the optimum growth and strong bone because of the extra dose of Calcium.
3.     It can easily handle the common issues of fatigue and tiredness among Indian women.
4.     It comes with Carbonyl Iron. As you might know, Carbonyl Iron is quite soft on stomach. You won’t get any issues of indigestion after using it. This form of iron dissolves quite easily.
5.     It is quite effective to thwart lots of skin problems. You may expect glowing and radiant skin coupled with no sign of ageing.

Side Effects of Ranbaxy Revital for Women

Taking a look at the ingredients, there is nothing that can lead to any side effects. However, you are required to be a bit alert. While taking this product, you need to stay away from taking any other multivitamins, unless that is medically necessary. Otherwise, you may become a victim of overdosing of vitamins. Remember, Revital Women contains lots of Vitamins and Minerals.

Overall, this is a good product for women. You can try it for short period of time and see if there is any change.


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