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Salary of IFS Officers in 2016

Indian Foreign Services (IFS) is one of the most prestigious government services of India. You may wonder that unlike IAS and IPS, it is not an All India Services. It is UPSC who recommend IFS officers to the External Affairs ministry through a common Civil Services Exam.

In recent times, the sheen and glamor of IFS has lost a bit. Now, toppers of UPSC Civil Services Exam prefer IAS and IPS ahead of IFS. However, there is no denying that IFS is the most royal service of India.

Salary of IFS Officers in 2016

There is quite a lot of confusion as far as IFS officers salary is concerned. It is because of the notification of the UPSC. The salary and pay scale mentioned in the notification is similar to other Central Services like Indian Revenue Services. However, that is not the case.

If an IFS officer is posted outside India, his salary will vary. Obviously, you can’t expect an IFS officer getting the same salary in the US as his counterpart working in Bangladesh or India.

Purchasing power parity is one of the main factors in deciding the salary of an IFS officer. Apart from that, IFS officers are also entitled for Special Foreign Allowances, which solely depend on the country where they are posted.

As far as basic salary structure is concerned, following points can be taken into account:

Junior Scale: Rs. 8000 – Rs. 13, 500
Senior Scale: Rs. 10, 650 – Rs. 15, 850
IFS Selection Grade: Rs. 15, 100 – Rs. 18, 300
High Commissioner/Ambassador: Rs. 26, 000

Needless to say, this salary structure applies only when an IFS officer is posted in India.
Currently, a new IFS officer is getting around Rs. 60, 000 per month


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    When you say an IFS officer is getting around 60000 per month,are you referring to IFS selection grade?


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