Sambong Re-Leaf Forte: Review and Side Effects

Sambong Forte is a very useful herbal prescribed for kidney stone and lots of problems related to urine. It is manufactured by Pascual.

This medicine is actually a powdered form of Blumea Balsamifera. The efficacy of this herb is well established. If you are suffering from kidney stone or urinary tract stone, you can consider taking it. Sambong Re-Leaf is a very good anti-urolithiasis. If you compare it with other available options in this category, you will find it quite cheap. However, the associated low cost doesn't mean any compromise with the treatment.

Further, this medicine is also widely used for diuretic patients who are suffering from moderate to mild edema and CHF.

Dosage of Sambong Forte

The dose depends on the reason for which you are taking it:

-         If you are taking it as anti-urolithiasis, take four tablets (of 250 mg, or 2 tablets of 500 mg) 3 times a day.

-         If you are taking it for diuretic, take two tablets (of 250 mg, or 1 tablet of 500mg) 3 times a day.

You can take this tablet even in empty stomach.

Side Effects of Sambong Re-Leaf Forte

Not much study has been done to establish the possible side effects of this product. However, since it is made with herbal product, there might not be any side effects.
However, if you are taking any other medicines, you should take Sambong only with doctor’s advice. Further, pregnant and lactating women should not take it.


Sambong Forte is definitely a wonderful medicine to treat kidney stone, along with other problems. This is also a low cost option with little side effects.

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