Side Effects of Metathione Whitening Capsule and Soaps

Prevention is, as they say, better than cure. This statement becomes all the more relevant when you are going to try whitening or slimming pills. It is a common knowledge that these category of pills, if not taken in right way, can lead to some serious health problems after extended use of time.

Metathione Capsule advertises and claims that it will give users a fairer and whiten skin. It is seen that women started to use Metathione without understanding its basic ingredients, which leads to side effects. This article is an attempt to let users understand this problem.

First thing that you need to remember is the duration of Metathione Capsule. It should never be taken continuously for more than three months. It is because of the ingredients. Metathione contains Vitamin E and Glutathione, among others. As you might know both of these are powerful antioxidants. If you continue to take them for extended period of time then that will result in overdosing of antioxidants.

The contents of Vitamin E and Glutathione are more than what is recommended for normal human being. It may not create any problems in short term use. However, extended use will definitely result into overdosing which may lead to serious health complications.

If taken under recommended dose, antioxidant will fight free radicals. It is quite useful in the treatment of cancer. However, if you overdose it for extended period of time, it will backfire. Even continuous overdosing of antioxidant can lead to cancer. 

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