Althea and Breastfeeding Women

Althea is one of the most regular contraceptive pills in not only the Philippines, but in the entire ASEAN countries.

Naturally, all categories of women are taking it to avoid unwanted pregnancy. I have seen many women who are breastfeeding their babies are wondering whether they can take Althea or not.

The answer is NOT!

Yes, Althea should not be taken by lactating or breastfeeding women.

The reason is its ingredients. As you might know, Althea is a combined form of contraceptive pill. It means that Althea contains Estrogen, and also progesterone. You can also say that it is an Estrogen hormone based birth control pill.

And, if a lactating woman takes estrogen based pill then the production of breast milk may be negatively affected. Low breast milk will only compromise the health of the baby.

If you are a breastfeeding woman, don’t take Althea. You should also not take any other estrogen based birth control pill.

You can take a progesterone only pill. There are many in the market. The manufacturer of Althea also produces a progesterone only pill, named DAPHNE.

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