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Ashish Khetan to Marry Alka Lamba

Ashish Khetan is an AAP leader who rose into prominence when he levelled charges against Narendra Modi through his website. He published many photographs of Modi with a girl, but none of the photo was sufficient to show that there was any relationship between Modi and the girl.

Now, Ashish Khetan is enjoying the lump Sum salary of Kejriwal Government. He is vice chairman of the Delhi Dialogue, another society made to such public money. He is getting more than Rs. 1 lakh per month with official building, free vehicle, bodyguard and a free telephone/mobile facility. He is not an MP, not an MLA yet he is getting huge money – legally. Amazing!

He worked with Tehlka when Tarun Tejpal was the Editor-in-Chief. However, he never said a single word against Mr. Tejpal when his boss tried to rape a journalist in Goa. Being a Leftist, he understands that woman is just an object of enjoyment. Like other Adarsh Liberal he also calls for the freedom of women so that people like him can continue to exploit women in the name of freedom and CONSENSUAL SEX.

Ashish Khetan and Alka Lamba

According to a grapevine going on in high circles of Delhi, Ashish Khetan is going to divorce his wife. The couple has three children. But, this is quite normal among Adarsh liberal.

It is also said that Ashish Khetan is divorcing his wife just to get more closer with Alka Lamba.

There is quite a pitch discussion among Delhi parties about this relationship between Ms. Lamba and Ashish Khetan.

It is a no secret that Ashish Khetan came closer to Alka Lamba while working at Tehalka. It is a known fact that Tehlka was propagating the agenda of Congress.

Later, it was Ashish Khetan who convinced Ms. Lamba to join Congress and then he ensured that she got a ticket from Chandni Chowk. According to AAP supporters, Ashish did his best to save Alka when she was being punished for making a statement on the issue of Gopal Rai and heavy corruption going on in Delhi.

Actually, Alka Lamba wanted ticket from Moti Bagh. Ashish Khetan convinced her to fight from Chandni Chowk. The result is for everyone to see.

As you might know, Alka Lamba has already ditched her husband Lokesh Kapoor. She is currently single.

Once Ashish Khetan will formally divorce his wife, he may marry Alka Lamba.

I don’t know whether this story is true or false, but there is certainly something about 
Khetan-Lamba relationship.


  1. Interesting story. Yes this Tehelka is another tehelka and will be enough for the downfall of the arrogant rascal.

  2. Anonymous10:03 PM

    this arrogant rascal is BHASMASHUR of modern Indian politics.just remember Anna Hzare;Shantibhushan;prashant bhushan;Yogendra Yadav;Ananat kumar;Ilias Ahmad;megha patekar etc.


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