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Boyfriend of Nirbhaya: Name and Profile

Indians will never forget the name NIRBHAYA. Though, this is just a pseudo name which was supposed to hide the identity of that brave girl. This name created a sort of ripple in the mind of youngsters. It created an environment where youngsters – both male and female – come out on the street to demand gender equality and security for women.

Nirbhaya is no more. But, her boyfriend is still in this world. As you might know, she was not alone in the bus when the brutal incident happened. She was traveling with her boyfriend. No one knows the exact sequence of events. I have seen many people resenting against Nirbhaya boyfriend. They think that the man did little to save his love.

But, that was definitely not the case. He was also injured. He couldn’t resist against the group of rapists. That was a real life situation, not a film setting.

Name and Profile of Nirbhaya boyfriend

The name of Nirbhaya boyfriend is Arvind Pandey. He also belongs to the same district, Balia (UP) from where Nirbhaya was. Like Nirbhaya, he was also a Bhumihar by caste. Though, the parents of Nirbhaya were not aware of this relationship.
It is not known how Nirbhaya and Arvind came close. Since both of them were Bhumihar, they were planning to get married. There was supposed to be little hindrance in the marriage because of this caste issue.

It was Arvind Pandey who asked Nirbhaya to come to the Select City Walk to watch a movie. After movie, when no autowallas got ready to take Nirbhaya to Palam, they decided to board the bus. That was the biggest mistake Arvind did. He should have tried a little more for auto. He should have dialed 100, if an autowalla refused to take them to Palam. Arvind Kejriwal, the current Chief Minister of Delhi, used the support of autowallas. But, he never mentioned that one of the reasons behind the brutal rape of Nirbhaya was these autowallas. Further, it is also a known fact that the Nirbhaya incident created a sort of anger among Delhites which resulted in the victory of AAP. Arvind Kejriwal used this circle for his own gain.

However, the biggest mistake of Arvind Pandey was to blame Delhi Police. If we go by the official record, the Control Room vehicle reached the spot within 10 minutes of the incident. It is not their fault if the people were standing there and no one offered even a shawl to the naked couple (in the month of December). Further, Delhi Police scanned all CCTV cameras in the route and tracked a white bus. There were around 1600 white buses running on the Delhi road. They did investigation with all those buses and zeroed in the bus where crime happened within 12 hours. This was not a small achievement. And, they arrested all culprits within 24 hours. They made the case so water tight that the court gave the capital punishment.

I am not taking sides of Delhi Police. But, we should salute them for what they have done. This will enhance their morality to do more good. Arvind Pandey made a big mistake here. He failed Nirbhaya. He failed all of us.