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Climax Spray and Oral Sex

Climax Spray is one of the most popular products of this category in the Indian market. Generally, all information about how to use this product is provided on the pack.

However, the manufacture hasn’t provided an important information. I have seen many youths wondering about it.

That is related to oral sex. As you might know, oral sex is becoming popular in the entire Indian subcontinent.

So, the question is – Can I go for oral sex after using Climax Spray? Will it lead to some effect on the health of my partner (since she will also suck the content of Climax Spray)?

I would advise you to use condom for oral sex after using Climax Spray.

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As you might know, Climax Spray must be used 10 – 15 minutes before starting intercourse. Apply Climax Spray and then use the condom. Now go for foreplay, including oral sex. This will effectively negate any possible health risk to your female partner. You can also do one thing – apply Climax Spray after completing oral sex.