Don Khan Mubarak, UP: Profile and Details

If you have any doubt about the fact that there is a Gundaraj in Uttar Pradesh, you need to see some chilling videos of Khan Mubarak.

Khan Mubarak is the brother of UP gangster Zafar. However, now people won’t remember him as the brother of Zafar. He has done enough to make a place for him.
Two videos of Khan Mubarak were released recently. In the first video, Khan Mubarak went to the extent of threatening both politician and police if something will happen to him.

Currently, Khan Mubarak is in jail. There are some imaginary threats to his life due to rivalry with other gangsters of his area. He had doubt that the police may support the rival gangsters in lieu of money and hence he decided to threaten them.

The second video is chilling. In this video, he is seen terrorizing a small businessman Bazu Khan. Mr. Bazu was a neighbor of Khan Mubarak. In a marriage, he passed a comment while talking with friends that Khan Mubarak is a criminal. Somehow a close friend of Mubarak was there and he conveyed this to him.

Khan Mubarak asked his goons to lift Bazu and then he did something really brutal. He placed a bottle on the head of Mr. Bazu and fired. Obviously, this is a normal incident in films. But, this was the first time when a person was subjected to such brutality. 

Then, he thrashed Bazu. Meanwhile, Bazu was apolozising for his comments.
He let Bazu go home. But, unfortunately, Bazu died within 15 days by heart attack. You can understand what led that heart attack.

Profile of Khan Mubarak

Khan Mubarak is from Ambedkar Nagar of UP. He is currently lodged in a Faizabad Jail. He is the brother of dreaded gangster Zafar. Incidently, both brothers are currently in the same jail. 

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