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Lalan Singh Sister and Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar never ridiculed Narendra Modi-Jasodaben relationship. He never leaves a chance to attack Modi just to garner votes of Muslims. His modus operandi is to make Muslims believe that Narendra Modi is going to harm them (well, majority of opposition leaders are doing the same thing!). However, there is nothing to see why Muslims should not keep faith on Modi.

Coming to the point, it is said that Nitish Kumar not attacking Modi has something to do with his own personal life.

His wife Manju Sinha is no more. She was a lady who was respected throughout. She continued to work the way she was working even after Nitish became the Chief Minister.

When she was hurt, she decided to leave the CM house. Yes, a simple lady decided to not stay in the lavish CM bungalow. Rather, she decided to live in two rooms flat.
Nitish Kumar has one son – Nishant Kumar. His son had also revolted during those times and gave emotional support to Manju Sinha.

The Cause…..

What was the reason behind this tussle between husband and wife? If you believe the grapevine, it is because of Lalan Singh.

Today I found few pages on the Internet where people are accusing Nitish Kumar of having illicit relationship with Lalan Singh’s sister. One post even go to the extent of proclaiming that Archana Express was launched by Nitish Kumar while being the Railway Minister. And, who is Archana? Hold your breath. According to the Facebook post, she is the sister of Lalan Singh. Yes, the name of Lalan Singh sister is Archana.

There is no proof about this. Rabri Devi had also once said about this relationship.
I think we should stay away from making such type of claims. Just think over it for few seconds. What if the story about this relationship is wrong? Think about the stress with which Lalan’s sister may be going through.

Know about the life of Nishant Kumar, son of Nitish Kumar. Click on the following link:

Nishant Kumar, Nitish Son: Profile, Wife and Girlfriend

That is not proper. I think people should politically oppose Nitish Kumar. It will be a good sign. They should stay away from making personal comment. And, they should NEVER make any personal comment which may not be true.


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  2. Anonymous12:09 PM

    what if the relationship is false? even nitish kumar could be under stress, not only the lady


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