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Sex Scandal of Sunetra Chaudhuri, NDTV

Sunetra Chaudhuri is one of the most prolific news reporters of India. She is currently working with NDTV. Recently she was involved in an interesting sex scandal.

This sex scandal was disclosed by none other than Sunetra Chaudhuri. And for that she selected the print media. She didn’t discuss a word about this sex scandal on NDTV. She could have written her account on NDTV blog, if she didn’t want to say something on camera. It is a paradox why she choose to share about it on print media, that is on a newspaper DNA.

Sex Scandal of Sunetra Chaudhuri

The male side of this sex scandal was a politician. Sunetra never named him. Actually, he had given an interview to the CNN IBN and had made some wild allegations against a political opponent. In that interview he had withhold some names. The Editor of NDTV asked Sunetra to follow this story and interview the concerned politician. She was also advised to somehow get the name.

It takes a lot of time for Sunetra to get appointment with that politician. Naturally, he was quite busy giving interview to various news media organization. Sunetra interviewd him and then requested him to name the person.

And, there comes the bomb!

The politician bluntly told Sunetra that he will name the politician to her. However, for that she will have to sleep with him. 

Before you think over about the fearlessness of that senior Congress politician, you should know that this has become a sort of routine. Madhu Kishwar had rightly said that Delhi political circle is a high level brothel which involved even media personalities.

NDTV remained silent on this aspect. The umpteen stories about women’s emancipation were just shows to garner advertisement revenue. 

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