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Yakub Menon: Wife, Family and Profile

YakubMemon is the first terrorist related to 1993 Serial Mumbai Blast who was hanged till death on 30th July.

As you might know, Yakub is the brother of Tiger Memon.

Tiger was the mastermind of 1993 blast along with Dawood Ibrahim. He is hiding somewhere in Pakistan.

Yakub is the most literate member of the Memon family. He is a CA and was considered a bright accountant. However, he was carried away by poisonous thinking of Tiger Memon and decided to help his brother.

Yakub may be kind hearted. He may be the single conspirator who was caught alive. But there is no denying that he was driving force behind 1993 blast. Tiger and Dawood couldn’t have succeeded in executing such a big plan without the help of YakubMemon. The entire logistic for the blast was done by Yakub. He arranged those 15 boys and send them to Pakistan for training without any hindrance. It is because of this fact that both TADA and the Supreme Court had given death sentence to him.

The case of ‘Deal’

There is also an interesting saga about some deal between the CBI and YakubMemon. It is said that CBI had promised Memon that if he will support the investigation, the agency will show lenience for him and consequently the Judge will also remain compassionate towards him.

Yakub did the same, but nothing came out. There is also a controversy regarding the arrest of Yakub. According to him, he was arrested in Nepal and was handed over to the Indian authority. But, the CBI says that they had arrested Yakub in New Delhi.
However, many believe that Yakub returned to India to handle huge property owned by Memon family in Mumbai.

Wife of Yakub Memon

Raheen Memon is the wife of Yakub Memon. She is still in the love with him. In fact, she was also charged as a conspirator in the Mumbai blast case. However, the court had acquitted her.

Now, she is waiting for the day when she will get the dead body of Yakub Memon. 


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