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Nitish Kumar: Wife and Family

The name Nitish Kumar doesn’t need any sort of introduction, at least in the arena of politics. He is currently the Chief Minister of Bihar and is widely credited to change the face of the state. Unfortunately, he has allied with RJD, the party which created jungleraj in Bihar.

Unfortunately, there is little knowledge about Nitish Kumar as far as his personal life is concerned.

There is a veil of secrecy around his personal life. You will hardly find a public photo of Nitish Kumar with his wife (now, no more!) or with his only son. You may keep your son out of politics, but there isn’t any harm in seeing with your son in public.

Early Life of Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar was born in 1951 at Kalyan Bigha, a village near Harnaut (Nalanda). His father Kaviraj Ram Lakhan Singh was a well-known freedom fighter and his mother Late Parmeshwari Devi was god fearing house wife. Initial education of Nitish Kumar was completed from Harnaut. While growing up, he had seen the struggle and social work of his father. As a matter of fact, his father was also a good ayurvedic doctor who used to treat patients free of cost.

Nitish Kumar completed his engineering degree from NIT, Patna. He joined Bihar Electricity Board as an Assistant Engineer. However, during the emergency, he decided to quit job and enter politics. He joined Janta Party and later become a prominent member of Janta Dal in Bihar. His association of Lalu Yadav came to end and he formed his own party. Allying with BJP, he became the CM of Bihar and demolished the political equation of Lalu Prasad Yadav.

Wife of Nitish Kumar

There is very little information about the wife of Nitish Kumar.

Her name of Manju Kumar Sinha and she married Nitish in 1973. The couple had a son named Nishant. The relationship between them started to nose dive once Nitish become a politician. It is said that Manju Sinha was not happy with the personal life of Nitish Kumar.

She didn’t stay in the official bungalow when Nitish Kumar became the CM. She continued to work as a teacher and was looking after son Nishant. She died in 2007 due to illness. Nitish Kumar was there during her funeral. In the accompanying picture, you can see Nitish Kumar weeping while his son Nishant in beard.

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However, Nitish Kumar has named a park in Kankarbagh, Patna in the name of his late wife Manju Sinha. He goes there every year on the death anniversary to give floral tribute to the soul, and Nishant accompanied him during that particular day.