Sex MMS Scandal of Hardik Patel

Hardik Patel is only 23 years old. However, his name is being discussed throughout India. He has given enough weapons to Modi hater media to question Gujarat Model of development. Of late, he seems to coming under the fold of Arvind Kejriwal led AAP to forward his agenda of caste based reservation.

If you have listened to him, you will wonder about the reason behind his popularity among Patels. He is completely uninspiring. It is not only in terms of his Hindi speeches, but the same goes for his oratory skills in Gujarati. Further, he is not clear about the reason behind his demand for reservation for Patels. He can’t take tough questions.

And, he is challenging the most powerful leader of the contemporary India.

MMS Scandal of Hardik Patel

Away from politics and reservation issues, Hardik Patel is also making news for wrong reasons. First some of his pictures that were shared on social media websites where he was seen with guns and pistols. Now, here comes the daddy of all. He is also involved in a sex scandal.

An MMS video has become viral on social media where Hardik Patel is seen with a girl. There are three more friends with him. The video is shot in a hotel room. And, the girl is not Indian. She seems to be from ASEAN countries. It may be said that Hardik was in a five star hotel with the girl.

Some of Hardik supporters have said that the guy in this MMS is not Hardik. He is just a look-a-like. However, if you take a hard look on facial features, you may conclude that he is none other than Hardik Patel.

The video was first uploaded by a magazine on You Tube. Obviously, the sex scenes are not there as You Tube doesn’t allow nudity. The entire video has already been uploaded on XVideos, though.

This may be a conspiracy against Hardik. But, one thing again makes it quite clear that the guy is not worth following. There is not a modicum of leadership quality in him. He is a complete nonsense. 

WATCH: Hardik Patel SEX MMS Scandal

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