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Gretchen Fullido: Profile, Boyfriend, Age and Wiki

Gretchen Fullido is widely regarded as one of the most talented as well as beautiful news anchors of the Philippines. She has hosted many successful sports events, reality shows, real time competitions and serious talk shows. Her stint with TV Patrol has only made her a household name in the Philippines.

Fullido made her first appearance on the small screen in 2010 with ABS CBN. Since then her popularity is only burgeoning.

Gretchen Fullido and Hugh Jackman

Recently, people around the world were shocked to see that the noted Hollywood film personality Hugh Jackman showed clear interest in Gretchen Fullido. Actually, Fullido was interviewing Jackman on Star Patrol. All questions were regarding the latest Jackman’s movie Chappie.

Gretchen with her ex boyfriend Armand

However, Jackman surprised everyone when he asked Gretchen for permission as he wanted to ask a question. Gretchen gave her ascent. He asked about the marital status of Gretchen in the most polite way. First he told her that his coworker wants to know about this. When Gretchen replied that she is single, Jackman said that actually he wanted to know about this.

There is no denying that Gretchen Fullido is endowed with amazing beauty. It is hard to find a comparable glamorous face on any Philippino TV or programs. It was not surprising that Hugh Jackman was also attracted towards her.

Age of Gretchen Fullido

Many youngsters have asked me about the age of Gretchen. Here is the answer:

She is 25 years old.

Her date of birth is June 4, 1980.

Boyfriend of Gretchen Fullido

It is a fact that Gretchen had publicly said that she is single while replying about a question by Hugh Jackman.

However, she isn’t single.

She is currently dating Simon Greatwich. As you might know, Simon is a promising footballer. The couple is getting spotted throughout Manilla.

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Before that, Gretchen was dating Armand del Rosario. They were quite a lovely couple. Unfortunately, because of some family issues, they decided to broke apart. The break up happened mutually as the family of both Armand and Gretchen were against their relationship.


  1. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Correction Gretchen was NOT born in 1980.
    And she NEVER dated Armand.


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