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Himalaya Speman: Review, Effects, Side Effects and Dose

Low sperm count is one of the prime reasons behind male infertility. You may encounter many men who are successfully making physical relationship, but are not able make their partners pregnant. Low sperm count is the main reason behind this type of situation.

Even more shocking thing is the fact that childless couple WASTE huge amount of money to get it corrected. Some even go into the hands of quacks and some baba/fakir/godmen. In the process, they just waste their hard earned money.

If low sperm count is your problem, you should first start treatment with Himalaya Speman. You can start it without even consulting a doctor (obviously, after getting lab reports). It doesn’t have any side effects, and is quite successful in increasing the sperm count. It is quite cheap and hence pharmaceutical companies pressurize doctors to not prescribe it.

Effects of Himalaya Speman

Increases Spermatogenesis: If you take a look on ingredients and research about them, you will know that Himalay Speman can really improve the process of formation of sperm in male. It dramatically enhances the testosterone. It doesn’t just stop by increasing the sperm count. It takes one step ahead and improves the quality of your sperm. Remember, quality and count both matters when it comes to pregnancy and the health of the fetus.

Sexual Performance: You might have seen many advertisements where it is claimed that by spending certain amount of money (with so called herbal products), you can improve your performance on the bed. Hey! Just try Himalaya Speman for few days and see the difference. It will improve the penile erection and can control the erectile dysfunctional.

An Antioxidant: It is also a powerful antioxidant which can prevent any disruption on your sperm.

Ingredients of Himalaya Speman

Following are some of the main ingredients of Himalaya Speman

1.     Hygrophilia: It is also known as Kokilaksha in India.
2.     Velvet Bean
3.     Small Caltrops


Generally, one capsule a day will suffice your needs. Depending on the lab reports, your doctor may prescribe you to take more in one day.

Side Effects of Himalaya Speman

It is completely made with herbal products and doesn’t contain any side effects.