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Mayanti Langer: Profile, Husband and Boyfriend

Mayanti Langer is one of the most popular sports journalists of India. The reason behind her popularity isn’t her knowledge about sports or her impeccable commenting skills, but it is her looks and physical features. She doesn’t need any sort of introduction for Indian men.

Mayanti Langer had successfully hosted many sports events, including FIFA World Cup and 2011 Cricket World Cup in India with ESPN Star Sports.

Mayanti Langer

Profile of Mayanti Langer

Mayanti Langer is the daughter of Lt. General Sanjiv Langer. The family is based in New Delhi.

When her father got an appointment with the United Nations, she went along with him. In the USA, she was attracted towards sports, particularly Football/soccer. In fact, she was intending to make Football her career as a sportsperson.

When she returned to Delhi, she started to play Football. After completing her schooling, she took admission in the Hindu College, Delhi University. She even continued to play Football at the university level. The condition of Women Football in India is quite pathetic and hence she couldn’t make any career in the field.

However, her interest in this game didn’t go away. She joined Zee Sports as a Football expert. She hosted many shows on Zee Sports. In the meantime, ESPN was looking for a sexy girl with Football knowledge for FIFA World Cup 2010 and it was hard to find a matching personality than Mayanti Langer. She was signed and soon become a national sensation.

The deal with ESPN continued and seeing her popularity they asked her to do the job for Cricket World Cup. People were surprised to see that she handled Cricket with the same confidence as she used to handle Football.

Husband of Mayanti Langer

During a sports event, Mayanti Langer came close to Stuart Binny. As you might know, Stuart is quite a promising cricket all rounder who is the son of Mr. Roger Binny.

They dated for around six months when Stuart proposed her for marriage. Mayanti instantly accepted the offer and the couple got married in 2012.

Since then she is living with Stuart. There are some news that the couple may get divorce because of some cultural issues. 

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