Name and Info of Girl in Blue Eyes Song of Honey Singh

Blue Eyes is one of the most popular singles of Honey Singh. Youngsters are still crazy about this song even though it was released three years ago. The song was released by Honey Singh in New York and it had become an instant hit on You Tube, getting millions of views in just one week.

This song was penned by none other than Honey Singh. The theme of the song is an attempt by the singer to get the attention of an Indian beauty with blue eyes. Indian girl with blue eyes may be quite rare, but Honey Singh wanted to convey his desire for the same.

Erika Media, the model of Honey Singh Blue Eyes

Chitrangada Singh was the center of attraction while Honey Singh was writing this song. It is no secret that Honey Singh had a crush for Chitrangada. His wife Shalini had also said the same thing. Honey Singh said that he wrong the song only for Chitrangada as he is a great admirer of her beauty. As you might know, Chitrangada has brown eyes, not blue. For that Honey Singh said that eyes part is his fantasy.

Name of the Girl in the Video

If you have seen the video of this song, you may wonder about the identity of the lead girl for whom Honey Singh is singing the song.

Many youngsters started to look for information about her. It was tough as she isn’t an Indian.

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She is Erika Medina.

There is no denying that she looking quite beautiful in the song. The accompanying picture is her where you can see the reason why Honey Singh selected her for this song.

Unfortunately, Erika Medina couldn’t get other offers from the Indian music industry even after such a blockbuster video. 

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