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Name of Girl in Honey Singh High Heels Video

One of the most popular songs of Honey Singh is High Heels. It’s quite few years since this song was released, but you can still see youngsters getting hooked with it. That is the magic of this masterpiece of Honey Singh.

Youngsters are also looking for some information about the model in the video of this song. Honey Singh gave all information about the song and video, but he intentionally didn’t say a word about the model. Her identity remained under the hoot.

Name and Profile of High Heels Model

Before disclosing her real name, I would like to share about a rumor. It was related to the identity of the girl. On many websites, it was provided that she is none other than Priya Anjali Rai. This was something quite sensational. Priya is a well-known porn 

But, that is NOT true.

The name of Honey Singh High Heels model is Nesdi Jones.

Nesdi has also started to sing in Punjabi now. She is currently known as Desi Gori. She has become quite versatile with Hindi, Punjabi and few other Indian languages.

Actually, Nesdi first came to India to work with an NGO. She started to take classes at different villages. She was obviously learning Hindi. Her hobby was music and she released one of her songs on You Tube. Yo Yo Honey Singh came to know about her through that You Tube video. He discussed about her with Jaz Dhami and both of them finalized her for the video. It should be remembered that Honey Singh gives high importance to his videos. He understands the fact that a nice video can make the song instant hit in this age of the Internet.  

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  1. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Nesdi Jones just tweeted confirming that she is NOT the model in the video.

  2. keep a bit of knowledge before writing anything. She isn't nesdi jones.
    Vo to gori hai and model brown so how can she be nesdi jones?


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