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Pooja Mishra: Boyfriend, Profile and Wiki

There is no denying that Pooja Mishra is quite ugly. Yes, you heard it right. There is nothing that can put her in the league of a beautiful actress, or model. She even tried to change her fate by changing the spelling of her surname from Mishra to Misrra. Yes, legally she is currently Pooja Misrra.

However, the inherent ugliness has never stopped Pooja Mishra to try many things, just to remain in the news. First of all, she entered in the Big Boss 5 and was thrown out of the show like a rotten cake. There were hardly hundred votes for her. Later, she tried her hand in the Bollywood. But it was not easy to make a mark in the Bollywood with such an ugly face and forgettable physical attributes.

The only thing that can be attributed as memorable in her rather unremarkable career is Dil Ka Rishta item song Sajan Sajan.

Hotel Taj Dwarka Incident

It is said that Pooja Mishra had booked a room in Hotel Taj Dwarka. It is alleged that she was there to host one of her clients. It was about a sex session with the client.
The client, as widely believed in the Delhi media, left the room after satisfying his urge. You may wonder how one can satisfy sexual needs with such an ugly girl. Anyway, he was also not satisfied and in the fit of rage he broke some items in the room.

Two hours later, Pooja Mishra also decided to leave the hotel. However, hotel staff and manager asked her to pay the bills for some broken items. She was already angry with the rude behavior of her client and hence she lost her patience. She started to beat hotel staffs.

See the daring of this useless ugly girl.

Boyfriend of Pooja Mishra

Oh! Come one. How can you imagine that someone would like to become a boyfriend of such an ugly girl? That is exactly the case.

Pooja Mishra is single as far as relationship is concerned. However, she chooses not to sleep single apart from some day (during menstruation cycle). 

But, you should not dream to befriend her.

There is nothing in her. First thing you need to keep in mind is the complete lack of sexual satisfaction. You will never get satisfaction while making physical relationship with her. It will also endanger your reputation. Only recently, she had invited three videographers for a party after shooting. She allegedly had sex with them and later filed a police complaint that these three male had raped her. 

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That’s it.

The story of a useless Indian girl. 

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