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Hamamelis: Best Homeopathic Med. for Piles

I had sudden onslaught of hemorrhoids (piles). First of all it was pain while passing stool. I took some medicines for constipation without any relief. Few days later, I saw blood in the stool while experiencing severe pain. My father suggested consulting a doctor. I took appointment and met the doctor who prescribed a suppository.

 However, I couldn't experience any improvement in my condition. Doctor told me to go for surgery. As a matter of fact, my father had also one surgery for painful piles and after that his condition is good. But, I thought to give a try to homeopathic medicine before going for surgery.

 I met with Dr. Pratip Banerji where my brother is getting treatment for brain tumor. He prescribed only one medicine and that was Hamamelis Virginica 30. He told me to expect quick recovery and asked me to come for review after 15 days.

 I started to take medicine. I was supposed to take two pills three times a day. The improvement was really good. Three days later, there was no blood in the stool and after a fortnight I started to notice that the pain is subsiding. Hamamelis is really a very good medicine for bruised piles/hemorrhoids.

It is widely prescribed throughout world for this problem. This medicine has only increased my faith in homeopathy (which I used to consider just a placebo effect three years back). I should also mention here about the way the doctor had told me to took this medicine. First, he told me to not eat or drink anything 15 minutes before and after taking this medicine. Second, I was supposed to take it three times a day. He told me to take every dose exactly eight hours apart. The tight schedule was suggested to ensure quick result.

When I went to review, Dr. Banerji told me to stop this medicine and he prescribed another one. I told him that haemorrhoids might not be painful or bruised with soreness, but the problem is still there. He replied that Hamamelis is generally prescribed when there is bleeding and soreness. Its work is over and hence he will tackle the remaining problem.

 I have discussed about this medicine with the assistant doctor and he told me that it is also prescribed for varicose veins and haemorrhages. Actually, the medicine instantly works on the outer layer of the veins which results in quick relaxation giving desired relief in really short span of time. As I have mentioned above, this medicine isn't prescribed in all stages of piles/haemorrhoids. Hence, users should consult a doctor before taking it.


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