Kanika Kapoor: Profile, Husband and Divorce

Kanika Kapoor is currently the reigning queen of Indian pop music. She used to be struggling singer. However, Baby Doll has changed her life, and that’s too forever. Now, Kanika is sitting over hundreds of offers from Bollywood and big stage programs.

Profile of Kanika Kapoor

Kanika is basically from Lucknow. She is from a wealthy Khatri business family. Her upbringing was quite humble and was in a joint family. She was not only beautiful, but also well in study. Obviously, she was taking keen interest in singing during her school days.

Kanika and Raj Chandok

Kanika met Raj Chandok in Khajuraho. Raj Chandok was from a Punjabi family. Kanika was at Khajuraho to attend the marriage of her cousin. Raj was also there. They became close friend and started to date. She was only 18 at that time. Raj was going to London and Kanika asked him to get married and take her also to London. He agreed. Both families were not ready for this marriage as they were quite young.
However, all of them were persuaded by the couple.

Kanika started to live in London as Raj Chandok wife. Soon, she became mother of three children. Yes, you may not believe it. But, Kanika Kapoor is the mother of three babies. She has one son and two daughters.

Kanika was leading a happy life in a high society of London. Her family back in India was quite happy about her. However, there was something else in the destiny. Kanika found that Raj is cheating on her. He was having an extra marital relationship with an Asian married woman. Kanika tried to mend him ways, but that was unsuccessful.  Raj was admitting his mistakes, but not ready to leave the girl.

Kanika decided to take some strong steps. She asked Raj to get divorced which was instantly accepted by him. They got divorced in 2012. However, Raj Chandok after divorce did help her in perusing her dream in the world of music. In fact, it was Raj who made what Kanika is today.

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Kanika is currently staying in London with her three children and her mother.


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