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Fee of Prashant Kishore

RJD and majority of JDU leaders are not able to digest the fact that Prashant Kishore is being given major share of credit for fabulous performance of Mahagathbandhan in the Bihar Assembly Election, 2015. However, Nitish Kumar doesn’t have any doubt about this. He publicly shared appreciation for Prashant Kishore by hugging him after winning the battle.

The same thing had happened after Lok Sabha election, 2014. BJP leaders were not ready to give credit to Prashant which led to Modi ditching him fearing backlash from top leaders. That led to Prashant coming into the ambit of JDU. He was the man who broken all myths surrounding the personalities of Narendra Modi in Bihar.

Fee of Prashant Kishore

Lots have been written about working style and personality of Prashnat Kishore. But, people are also looking for his business acumen. Obviously, he is doing election consultancy as a business, not being aligned with any ideology. People wonder how much money Prashant has made for his tireless and successful work.

Here are some details according to a top JDU leader.

Prashant Kishore was first asked by Nitish Kumar to make a power point presentation about winning the election. That was really a tough battle at the time when he was going to be hired, seeing the prevalent Modi wave in Bihar.

He made the presentation and convinced Nitish Kumar that Modi can be defeated. Some of his suggestions were even political, like aligning with Lalu and Congress and removing Jeetan Ram Manjhi.

He planned an extensive campaign for Nitish Kumar. The money required was really huge.

He asked for Rs. 100 Crore which included all media campaigns, hoardings, sending volunteers and IPAC members to the hinterland, planning and executing to counter every moves of Modi.

Nitish discussed his plans with Lalan Singh, P K Shahi and Bashishth Narayan Singh. All of them gave their ascents. Sharad Yadav and many other top JDU leaders were not ready for this. However, Nitish went ahead and promised the money to Prashant Kishore.

Hence, Prashant charged Rs. 100 Crore for Bihar election. IPAC isn’t a public holding company and hence we may not be able to know how much exact money he made out of it. He had employed thousands of highly qualified persons for this and had to shell out large sums of money in the form of salary. And, his media campaigns also cost lots of money. Data mining work was also extensively done.

In any case, he is expected to have earned around Rs. 20 Crore through this election. 

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  1. Thanks, do you have the presentation which he delivered to Nitish Kumar which made him crack a deal worth 100 Cr.

    1. Wow what a question by shibam

    2. Wow what a question by shibam


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