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Hasan Suroor: Family, Profile and Controversy

Hasan Suroor is a Left liberal journalist of India. He is based in London and writes extensively on communalism, Muslim issues, Indian politics from the perspective of an European and UK’s internal politics. You can find his articles regularly in The Hindu, Guardian, FirstPost and many more reputed media organization.

Hasan Suroor

Hasan Suroor is considered a harsh critic of Narendra Modi and Indian Right Wingers. There is no problem in criticizing constructively in a democratic society. However, he always tends to cross the boundary of decency when writing about Indian politics. His criticism of Narendra Modi is just irrational, illogical.

Recent Controversy

The torch bearer of Indian Left in London has recently been arrested for a very heinous crime. He was caught in a sting done by an anti-pedophilia organization.

Yes, this so called brilliant scholar of Islam and the Indian politics is caught red handed in such a heinous act. Wait, you can’t blame him. He has subtly supported Islamic State (IS). He doesn’t see any harm in IS ruthlessly killing children just for the sake of saving such a great religion. Then, how can you expect a moron like Hasan Suroor to not become a sex predator.

Indians are also shocked to learn that the response of Indian liberals is just insane. It reminds them about more than similar story of Tarun Tejpal. As you might remember, Tejpal was accused for sexual molestation and assault by his own female journalist. Indian liberals tried their best to save Tejpal. Some prominent names went to the extent of calling that just a friendly affair.

Family and Profile of Hasan Suroor

Hasan Suroor is known in India for his articles in The Hindu newspaper. Very few people in the North Indian belt are aware about him.

He is based in London. Actually, he was an Indian journalist. In 1993, Ford Foundation sent him to Cambridge University to study the British Multiculturalism. Since, then he is staying in London and has become a visiting fellow of a well-known college.  

Hasan Suroor is married and living with his wife in London. 

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