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Suresh Singh, the Coal King: Profile and Murder Story

Suresh Singh was termed as the Coal King of India. After the death of Surya Deo Singh, the most powerful Coal mafia of Dhanbad, he has become quite powerful. Many still believe that there was hand of Suresh Singh in the death of Surya Deo Singh. Some says that the reason behind death was sudden and severe heart attack.
Suresh Singh was also killed by three men in a marriage ceremony in Dhanbad. He was enjoying orchestra when three men came before him and pumped six bullets in his body. He was immediately rushed to the hospital where he breathed his last within half an hour.

The death of Suresh Singh again ignited the fear of mafia war in Dhanbad and adjoining region.

Profile of Suresh Singh

Suresh Singh was the son Shri Tajnarain Singh. Mr. Taj Narain was also belong to the group of selected muscle man of Late B P Singh, the first coal mafia of India. When Surya Deo Singh allegedly killed B P Singh, he along with other muscle man went against him. However, Surya Deo Singh fought valiantly against all of them and become the most powerful person of Dhanbad coal belt.

Suresh Singh always wanted to reign the coal belt. He had seen the pain in the eyes of his father. As a matter of fact, Suryadeo Singh and Taj Narain Singh both are from Balia district of UP.

Suresh Singh had in fact snatched lots of businesses from the hand of Surya Deo family after the death of Surya Deo Singh. He made Dhanbad people to believe that there is nothing to worry about Surya Deo Singh. He even fought Assembly election against the wife of Surya Deo Singh from Jharia in 2005 and 2010 on Congress ticket and lost both of the election badly.

However, he was also believed to be a dreaded gangster. If you believe the record of the police, he had killed many persons. He was also supposed in killing of many loyalists of Surya Deo Singh.

Who Killed Suresh Singh

As per FIR filed by his father, Ramadhir Singh – the brother of Surya Deo Singh, his son Shashi Singh – the son of Ramadhir Singh, and Sanjiv Singh – the son of late Surya Deo Singh – were behind the killing of Suresh Singh. Police are still investigating the case even after five years of that brutal and deadly assault.