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Asiya Andrabi: Profile, Family and Husband

Asiya Andrabi used to be considered as a separatist leader of Kashmir who was taking a ‘different path’. She was considered a soft liner. She was thought to avoid anything that is against humanity. She was thought to be a woman who just abhors killing of innocents people. However, recent revelations have shown something different.

Three youths have been arrested from Hyderabad. What they had revealed during interrogation surprised the police. They said that Aisya was helping them to cross the border. They were planning to go to PoK and from there they were expected to join ISIS. They were thinking about killing innocents people in Arab and raped women. It should be mentioned here that 99 % of people killed by ISIS were Muslims and the story is similar for women. Almost all women raped by them are also Muslims.

So, Asiya Andrabi was recruiting Indian Muslims to kill Muslims in Arab countries – Syria and Iraq and then rape innocent Muslim women from the same locality.

Profile of Asiya

Asiya is widely known as a hardliner Kashmiri Separatist. She was considered as a pro Pakistani. However, she was thought to not accept killing of innocent people for the sake of saving a great religion – Islam.

Asiya Andrabi is the chief of fundamentalist organization Dukhtaran-e-Millat.

Family of Asiya Andrabi

Asiya Andrabi is married to a hardliner Muslim. He left her and currently she is living alone.

Actually, Asiya never likes freedom of women. She loves wearing burka. She thinks that a woman should never show her face to any other man other than her family members. She is a woman, but thinks that a Muslim woman should remain virgin and gets fucked by a terrorist who is ready to kill innocents. She believes that a man who can become a suicide bomber will get 72 virgin Muslim women to fuck.