Gangster Santosh Jha: Profile and Family

Santosh Jha is one of the most dreaded gangsters of Bihar. Many big names in the crime world have become politicians, like Anant Singh and Surajbhan Singh and hence they are not creating problems for common men. However, criminals like Santosh Jha hate politics. He is making every attempt to terrorize people of Bihar. Recently, two engineers in Darbhanga were killed. It is said that Santosh Jha was behind this sensational double murder and he had planned it from jail with the help of his friend Mukesh Pathak.

Profile of Santosh Jha

Santosh Jha was born in Dostiya Village. He was quite a bright student. The villagers still feel it hard to believe that such a brilliant student has become a notorious criminal.
He was attracted towards Maoist and used to think about improving the condition of poor. Once proactively involved with Maoism, Santosh Jha planned a landmine blast in Sheohar district in 2010. That was a daring attempt and he had openly challenged the Bihar police. In the blast, six police personnel were killed.

Soon, he became averse of this Maoism and started fight a battle against various ‘comrades’. After killing a big Maoist leader, he left the movement and become an independent gangster. Since then, he has become a dreaded gangster in North Bihar.


Santosh Jha is currently lodged in jail. He was arrested in February, 2014 from Kolkata. He is proactively involved in criminal activities even from jail.

This is not the first time when he was arrested. Previously, he was arrested twice.
Santosh Jha was wanted in many murders and kidnapping cases. Needless to say, there are hundred cases of extortion lodged against him in various police stations of Bihar.

Private Army

The experience of Maoism has worked in favor of Santosh Jha. He formed People’s Liberation Army and under this used a tag name of Parshuram Sena to extort money from construction industry. In fact, he used the same tactics to ask for money from C & C and which led to the killing of two engineers.

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