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Garima Malik, IPS Bihar Cadre: Profile and Family

When Garima Malik was studying in a school in Faridabad, she started to have a dream to become an IAS officer. After completing her graduation, she decided to pursue her dream. Garima took a room in Mukherji Nagar and joined a premium coaching institute. That was year 2005. She was always a bright student and studying for long hours was never tough for her.

Garima did the same thing while preparing for Civil Services. She cracked the UPSC Civil Services Examination and got the rank of 61.

She belongs to General Category, and hence with this rank there was no possibility for her to get the coveted IAS. She had to settle with her second choice IPS. The rooster system of cadre allocation is also designed to give General Category aspirants a run for their money. She couldn’t get her home cadre, Haryana. Rather, she was allotted Bihar.

A series of unexpected events didn’t snatch the high moral values of Garima. She decided to join IPS and do something special. In fact, she was so much involved with this services that decided to not any more attempt for UPSC Civil Services to become an IAS officer.

Garima Malik

An Honest IPS Officer

There is no denying that currently Garima is considered quite honest and humble IPS officer. She has always been given tough jobs and her performance was quite appreciating. Nitish Kumar has deep faith in her. It is because of this fact that Garima has been SSP of Darbhanga and currently posted as SSP of Gaya. Her performance at Gaya is simple scintillating.

Forbesganj Firing

It is widely believed that Forbesganj police firing is a blot on rather brilliant career of Garima Malick. As a matter of fact, Araria police had fired on the mob which had killed four people, including an infant. Various commissions have done their enquiries and found that firing was ordered in a very exceptional circumstance.

Garima Malick was also punished for this firing. She was immediately transferred from Araria. However, it should be interesting to know that she was transferred to Darbhanga where she was made the SSP. That can’t be said to be a punishment as in effect she was promoted.

Aditya Sachdeo Murder Case

Bindi Yadav, along with Surendra Prasad Yadav and Mahesh Yadav, have ran a terror in Gaya. BJP MLA from Gaya Dr. Prem Kumar, a 5 time MLA, is considered quite weak in taking the muscle power of these three goons. These three are not friends, but have against one other because of business interests. Bindi Yadav is the most powerful in Gaya Town. Bindi is with JDU.

Recently, Bindi Yadav's son Rocky Yadav killed a 11th student, Aditya, because of the fact that Aditya's car had overtaken Rocky's SUV. Aditya was not even driving the car and hence he should not be in the picture. But, riding high on the adrenaline of power, Rocky killed Aditya. He thought that Police won't be able to do anything in this case, like numerous other previous cases of his father. 

But, these are times of Social Media. Further, he didn't thought about Garima Malik who is the SSP of Gaya. She first arrested his father Bindi Yadav, thrashed him bitterly in the lock up and got the location of Rocky. Within no time, she arrested Rocky from Bodh Gaya.

In any case, there is no denying that Garima is quite a brilliant police officer and the people of Bihar are looking at her for giving many amazing results.


  1. Hari Prapanna . Director, Shanti Niketan. Gaya.10:34 AM

    Really Great n Brilliant Career. Students should inspire from her career. All the best for future.

  2. Being an upright police officer, she will set an example for our younger generation.

  3. Being an upright police officer, she will set an example for our younger generation.

  4. Respected mam, You are one of the brilliant IPS Officer as we seen in Aditya case word to say .......awesome.... I salute u..

  5. madam mai sonam kumari w/o akash kumar , jo ki mai 13/02/2017 ko mai aapni man sadi kar li hu mere maa papa mujhe bhut kast dta tha joki mai sadi kar li hu jo mara sadi ka anjam mare mamsasur and mamsas pe gai ,madam mere maa papa and parivar balo jaan se mar dena chahta hai aur akash ko parivar ko fasana chahta hai madIDAM MUJH AAP HELP KARYE PLISE MERE CHALTE DUBUL MUDAR HOGAYA HAI .AUR MUJHE V MARNA CHAHTA HAI MERE MAA PAPA PISA WALA HAI AUR PAHUCH WALA HAI AUR PASUPALAN MANTRY ABDESH SINGH SE PARVI KARA RAHE HAI THANA ME V GUNDAAGRDI RATA HAI MADAM MERE PARIVAR ME SE EK MERA CHACHA MAOJ YADAV NAXLIT MAE RAHTA HAI ,MERE GHAR ME AVVI V BADUK HAI MAI JANTI HU KI UNLOG KHA SAMAN RAKH TA HAI MUDDR KANE WALA KO UMRKID KI SAJA DIYAYE MAI JANTI HU MADAM MUJHE HELP KARIYE

  6. Great administrator with great acumen skills. A role model for women. Honest. But if a pupils like Rocky Yadav, will be release who killed innocent Aditya it will be great loss of confidence reliance on good governance and administration.


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