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Keo Karpin Hair Vitalizer: Review, Price and Effects

Keo Karpin is undoubtedly one of the most known brands in India in the sphere of hair care. Its hair oil is considered a market leader in India. Another product which is getting lots of attention is Keo Karpin Hair Vitalizer.

Dey Medical is the manufacturer and marketer of this brand. It is a Kolkata based company, and manufactures its entire product in India.

Keo Karpin Hair Vitalizer

Review of Keo Karpin Hair Vitalizer

Dey’s Medicals have launched a new variant of this product. Now, it is known as Keo Karpin Hair Vitalizer Vitamin H Therapy. It is available in 100 ml pack.

The product is a big success. You might be surprised to know that there is always a scarcity of this product in the market. It is not easy to find one. I don’t know why the manufacturer isn’t producing sufficient amount of it.

This product is a sort of boon for those suffering from hair fall problem. It can show results within three weeks, and you will notice complete cure of your hair fall problem. You may not need to continue using it.

There are many users who have reported that their lost hair had started to appear after continuously using it for months. That can also happen with any one.

Apart from that, this product is also quite effective against handling the problem of dandruff.

How to Use Keo Karpin Hair Vitalizer

It is quite easy to use. Take little bit of Vitalizer and apply it on the roots of your hair and scalp. That is all you are required to do.

It will be better if you apply it before going to bed and let it be there on your scalp for the entire night.

You should also ensure to not use it for more than two times a week.

Price of Keo Karpin Hair Vitalizer

The price of this product is quite high. Currently, the manufacturer is only exporting this product to the USA and not marketing in India. And, hence you may have to buy it from the USA. You can use the service of Amazon to get the original product.

Here is the Amazon Link from where you can get it:

Side Effects of Keo Karpin Vitalizer

There isn’t any side effect of this product. It is herbal and doesn’t lead to any problem, whatsoever that might be.


  1. is there any alternate to this

  2. I need it is not available now as i came to know.i have been using it for last 22years

  3. I need it is not available now as i came to know.i have been using it for last 22years

  4. I want to buy this product (keo karpin hair vitelizer ) . It was best medicine for hair. But unfortunetly it is not available in the market. I want to buy this with double cost. It is very essencial for me.

  5. Pls help me,where i will get keo karpin hair vitalizer.I have been using it since my college days,now i'm 40.

  6. I have been using it is for the past 20 years, I don't know why the manufacturer stopped this product. It is very good for hair loss and dandruff problems... hope the product will be started ASAP...Right now, is there any other alternative for this product pls do let me know...


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