Nestle Baby & me: Review and Side Effects

It is always a sort of challenge to complete the nutritional needs of a pregnant and breastfeeding woman. OBGyne keeps on scratching their heads when she comes across this question. Mothers’ Horlicks can be said to be good, but many pregnant women have reported lots of side effects while having it. Further, the issue of completing folic acid, iron and calcium needs is always a conundrum.

Nestle has made a positive attempt to solve this issue. Nestle Baby & Me is a very good product which is meant to provide all necessary nutritional supplements to pregnant and breastfeeding women. It is approved by all regulatory agencies and quite trustworthy.

Pleasant Taste

While pregnancy, I was always teased with the bad taste of nutritional supplement. Previously, there was no other option and for the better health of my angel, I had to abide by prescription of my doctor. However, when my doctor prescribed me Nestle Baby & me, I instantly became a fan of it. The taste is really pleasing one. It comes with delicious vanilla taste, and I am sure majority of women will love it.

A Vegetarian Supplement

I am always concerned with taking supplement. I am a vegetarian and would like to know that the stuff I am taking is vegetarian. Fortunately, I am no more in dilemma. Nestle Baby & me is 100 % vegetarian. Women who are like me, vegetarian, would definitely love it.

Complete Supplement

Baby & me can be termed as a complete supplement. Following are some stuffs that users are going to have with it:

-         Vitamins – A, B 1, C, D, E
-         Folic Acid and Iron
-         Choline
-         DHA
-         Protein
-         Iron
-         Calcium

As you can see in the above list, the aim of Nestle is not only to solve the pregnancy issues of women, but it also aims to give necessary nutritional needs of fetus and new born baby.

How to take Nestle Baby & me

It is quite easy to take Nestle Baby & me. Just add 4 table spoon of this powder with mildly warm milk. Mix well and drink. For best result, take it twice a day. You can take it at any time as per your convenience.

NOTE: Nestle Baby and Me is available on Amazon India website. You can order it from Amazon with heavy discount and make payment only after getting the product at your home. Click on the following link for details:

In the end, I would like to say that Nestle Baby & me is perfectly worth recommending. A pregnant or breastfeeding women should ask her OBGyne about it, and if possible take it.

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