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Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit: Review and Guidelines

Home based pregnancy test has made life quite easier for women. Now, it is not required to visit a doctor to know about the status of pregnancy. All they are required to do is to buy a pregnancy test kit and do the pregnancy test at home. It just takes around 5 minutes to know whether the user is pregnant or not.

Prega News Pregnancy Test is one of the most popular test kits of India. It is marketed by Mankind Pharmaceuticals.

How to Use Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit

It is quite easy to use the kit. Pour 3 drops of urine on the circular area that you see at the upper corner of the kit. Now, wait for around 5 minutes.

Check the rectangular block below the circle where you had added urine. If there is two pink lines, you are pregnant. If there is only one line, you are not pregnant.

Isn’t it simple? It is, in deed.

What if one line is faint?

This is quite a common issue among women. If you see one line faint and other clear, what should you conclude?

Faint line also depicts that you are pregnant. There isn’t any iffs and butts about it. However, it is recommended that you should repeat the test after 3 days to see the status of the other line.

One more thing that you need to remember is the time when you should do the test. It is recommended that you should perform the test with morning urine. It is because of the fact that this test kit catches the presence of hCG hormone in your urine. If your urine is there in the bladder for four hours, there will be high presence of hCG hormone in the urine and hence the result will be conclusive.

When you got pregnant, hCG hormone started to generate. The test kit shows result according to the presence of this hormone.

When to do test

This is another confusing stuff faced by women. When should they go for home based pregnancy test?

Ideally, you should always go for pregnancy test when you miss the menstruation cycle. You know the expected date. You are also aware of unprotected sex that you had in last few days. There is possibility of pregnancy if you miss your period. Do the test one day after your expected date.

You can also do the test one week after making unprotected sex.


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  5. prega news kit is the best. I have got the opportunity to use it twice and loved it absolutely. Why dont you check pregnancy tips as well for some great blogs and articles.

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  7. The most sensitive test that I have found measures about 25 mIU/ml of hCG in the urine. pregnancy miracle pdf

  8. Modern day pregnancy test kits are quite easy-to-use and gives results within 5-10 minutes. Also, the time when the test is conducted becomes vital when it comes to testing your pregnancy ( using a test kit as these test kits give the best results only when the test is performed after a week of missing periods.


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