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SBI Branch Open on Sunday in Patna

State Bank of India is the largest bank of India. Being a public sector bank, it has successfully handled the onslaught of private banks. There is no denying that SBI always endeavors to provide impeccable services to its customers, at least in Metro and Tier II cities.

You will be surprised to know that SBI always keep some of its branches open even on Sunday in almost all cities. Even in this age of the Internet Banking and Debit/Credit card transactions, we sometimes need to visit a retail branch on Sunday. In that scenario, branches which remain open on Sunday come to our rescue.

SBI Branches Open on Sunday in Patna

If you are from Patna, you might be wondering about the location of an SBI branch which remains open on Sunday. This article is all about this vital info. Following are branches where you can do retail banking on Sunday in Patna:

1.     Kankarbagh SBI Branch: This is one of the oldest branches of Patna. It is located near Kankarbagh Tempo Stand. You will find SBI ATM at the road. The branch is above the road. In the ATM, you will also find a depositing machine, where you can deposit money to any SBI account 24 hours a day. Needless to say, this branch remains open on Sunday.

2.     Frazer Road Branch: There is a small SBI branch on the Frazer road. The popularity of this branch is all because of this fact that it is open on Sunday.

If you need to do some banking on Sunday with SBI in Patna, you can visit any of the above two branches.