Silicea 200 for Scorpion Sting

You might be aware of the pain caused by a scorpion sting. There are many scorpions the sting of whom can be quite deadly, even death.

In any case, it is always recommended to start medical attention as soon as one is hurt by scorpion sting. There is no denying that removing the sting from the body is quite important. Even then, the pain continues. Some experiences severe burning and tingling sensation throughout their body for around 24 hours.

Homeopathic Treatment for Scorpion Sting

You might be surprised to know that there exists quite a standard and rather cheap treatment in the world o Homeopathic medicine for scorpion sting. The name of the medicine is Silicea. And, you are required to have it with 200 potencies. It means you need Silicea 200 to treat scorpion sting.

How to Use Silicea 200

When you see someone stung by a scorpion, all you need to give him 3 drops of Silicea 200. Repeat this process 5 times every 10 minutes. The person will start to get instant relief after second dose. The sting will come out without doing anything. The pain and abnormal sensation will start to go away.

You are just required to not allow the person to rub or use soap/any detergent at the affected area. That may create problems.

I must mention here that this medicine can be used for any other types of insect bites also where the sting is there inside the body.

You should also remember to consult a doctor, if there is no improvement after giving 5 doses. There is no need to give any more doses. In majority of cases, it should work.


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