Jihadi Sidharth Dhar: Profile, Wife and Family

Jihadi John was notorious for his inhuman acts. He used to shoot videos while chopping off head of innocents for Islamic State. Jihadi John, who was a converted Muslim, is no more. He was killed and, as he was told, enjoying feast with 72 virgin girls. The new Jihadi John is also a converted Muslim. He is Abu Rumaysah. His maiden name is Sidharth Dhar, a Bengali Indian Hindu.

So, Sidharth has become the new Jihadi John. He will love to do those inhuman stuffs just to show the world that Prophet Mohammed wants him to kill people not following Islam. That is ridiculous. They have already brought so much negativity to a great religion Islam. In fact, now people just hate Muslims. They don't understand this logic of having sex with 72 virgin girls after getting killed. 

Profile of Sidharth Dhar

Sidharth Dhar was born in Bhagalpur. His family is Bengali Hindu. He has also studied from Kolkata. During 1998, his family shifted base to London. Sidharth came into contact with a girl, who was a Muslim. They fell for each other. They decided to get married. Sidharth’s family tried to stop him, but he didn’t give any heed to them. The family of that girl asked Sidharth to convert to Islma if he wants to marry. Sidharth happily followed the advice and became Abu Rumaysah.

He was in deep love with his wife. His in-laws took notice of this fact and started to radicalize. Sidharth readily accepted all suggestions and in no time from a businessman he had become a die-hard supporter of Islamic Terrorism. He was arrested by London Police, but got bail. He broke the terms and conditions of the bail and fled to Syria to join IS. He went there with wife and three children. In Syria, he had another son and he celebrated the birth after becoming the Jihadi John. He had, in fact, posted a picture where he is seen taking A K 47 in one hand and his new born baby in the other.
Entire Hindu community in India is in deep shock. They can’t believe that a Hindu can do this just for the sake of a Muslim girl.

There is no denying that Sidharth is going to kill many innocent people until he will be killed. His wife will then turn to her four sons and radicalize them to become terrorists and the cycle will continue.

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