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Purified Glycerol for Brain Tumor Patients: Review

Purified Glycerol was prescribed to my brother, a brain cancer patient, for controlling cerebral edema (brain swelling). Previously, he had two cases of serious brain swelling, but at both times doctors had only administered Dexamethasone. But this time (December, 2013) the condition was quite serious. When I bought Purified Glycerol (Merck, Price Rs. 420 for 500 ml), I was surprised to see the content written on the bottle. It is clearly mentioned on the bottle that this product is marketed ONLY for industrial use. I talked to neuro oncologist regarding this fact. He told me that there have been lots of clinical trials on purified glycerol and it has been proved that Glycerol can help to contain cerebral edema. It doesn’t have any serious side effects (apart from burgeoning blood sugar). It also doesn’t allow pressure and mass effect to be built up in the brain. I have been aware of the fact that the pressure inside the brain can lead to serious consequences.

Doctor has prescribed 25 ml of Purified Glycerol three times a day (TDS). Unfortunately, my brother had to take Dexamethasone for quite a long time to check cerebral edema. I can’t write the number of side effects that he had to face. That is why, I instantly asked doctors that if Purified Glyerol can help with cerebral edema with little side effects, then why doctors always prefer Dexamethasone (or 5 does of Methyl Prednisolone for brain swelling)? I got a plain reply that it is not as effective as Dexamethasone.

After taking Dexamethasone for eight long months (the experience of which I have written in another review, please refer to my Brain Tumor digest), my brother has finally stopped taking it. Among many things, Purified Glycerol has also helped him to get rid of this nightmare.

When the dose of Dexamethasone was tapered to 0.5 mg a day, I was asked to increase the dose of Purified Glycerol by 5 ml. So, he started to take it 30 ml TDS. The latest MRI of my brother showed that the tumor (GlioblastomaMultiforme) had reduced a bit. There was also no trace of any cerebral edema and associated mass effect. Doctor immediately suggested me to stop Dexamethasone and increase the dose of Purified Glycerol.

It has never been tough to administer purified glycerol to administer to my brother. Even when he was completely senseless, he used to take it quite easy. However, it was the major reason behind enhanced blood sugar level. Since, I was trying for keitogenic diet (low carbohydrate diet); the increased blood sugar level was not a problem.
If your doctor has also prescribed Purified Glycerol, you can learn one vital thing from my experience. Please try to avoid glucose and sugar directly (and, if possible, try to decrease the amount of carbohydrate from your diet).

My personal experience says that Purified Glycerol is quite effective for brain tumor patient (if suffering from chronic brain swelling/cerebral edema problem). However, it should be taken only with the advice of the doctor. It can also be a potent weapon, if you are trying to quite Dexamethasone. In the end, I would like to say that I have contacted lots of brain tumor patients (GBM and Anaplastic Astrocytoma), and majority of them are suffering from chronic brain swelling. If you are one among them, discuss about purified Glycerol with your doctor.

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