Tej Pratap Yadav: Profile, Girlfriend and Crime Cases

Tej Pratap Yadav is the current Health Minister to the Government of Bihar. He along with younger brother Tejaswi is two least educated high profile ministers of Bihar. It was quite unfortunate for Lalu Prasad Yadav that both of his sons remained uneducated while all of his daughters are genuinely educated.

As you might know, Lalu Yadav has two sons – Tej Pratap and Tejaswi Yadav. Tej is the elder. However, by the quirk of fate, officially Tej is the younger son of Lalu. The date of birth filled by both siblings show the same thing. This was the first indication of stuffs going to be faced by Bihari. Isn’t it the shameless abuse of the system? Everybody knows who is younger and who is older, yet no can do anything.

Tej Pratap Yadav

Profile of Tej Pratap Yadav

Tej Pratap Yadav was the first son of Lalu Prasad. It is because of this fact that he is quite closer to Rabri Devi. His younger brother Tejaswi is closer to Lalu because after his birth Lalu was surprisingly selected by Janta Dal to become the CM of Bihar. Rabri Devi can go to any extent to save and promote Tej Pratap. In fact, after the victory of Mahagathbandhan, Rabri ensured that Tej Pratap is included in the Nitish cabinet with heavy portfolio.

Education of Tej Pratap

Unlike his younger brother and Deputy CM of Bihar, Tejaswi, Tej Pratap cleared Xth and then XIIth exam from Bihar board easily. Lalu was aware of the fact that Tej Pratap is quite dumb when it comes to education and hence he ensured that he remained with Bihar Board and not with CBSE or ICSE. After completing Intermediate, Tej Pratap took admission in B N College, Patna. His father joined politics from this college. However, he couldn’t pass the BA Part I Exam in 2012. He tried again and failed miserably. He decided to quit study altogether.

So, the person who is heading the health portfolio in Bihar couldn’t pass BA Part I exam with Political Science. One wonders about his efficacy in handling such a tough ministry where acumen and knowledge of science is always required.

Crime Cases of Tej Pratap Yadav

There are several crime cases pending against the Health Minister of Bihar. And, none of these crime cases are for political work like sitting on ‘dharna or hartal’. Some of these cases are of serious nature. But, who cares? For majority of Bihari people, education and criminal background doesn’t come in the way of being a great leader, but caste is. Idiotic logic, isn’t it?

Girlfriend of Tej Pratap Yadav

There is some news about Tej Pratap seeing a girl when he was in B N College. People are also saying that he was involved in a serious road side fight for that girl. However, there is no information in the public domain about the exact relationship status of Tej Pratap Yadav. There is no doubt that Lalu Yadav is trying to find a suitable girl for him. In all probability, Lalu will marry Tej Pratap in a political family of Haryana.


While taking oath, Tej Pratap couldn’t correctly read – Apekshit. He told it to be Upekshit and hence change the meaning of the oath. The Governor had to ask him publicly to read the oath again.

He was also in the news for finding a great solution to solve the issue of pollution emanating out of cars and other vehicles on the road. He started to ride a horse. Yes, the Health Minister started to ride a horse so that the pollution on the road can be controlled. More than ten of his security guards used to run behind the horse to protect him.

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