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Chetna Pande: Profile, Boyfriend and Wiki

Chetna Pande is a well-known face of the Indian celeb world. She has recently appeared in the Shahrukh Khan Starrer film Dilwale. In this film, she played the role of Janny, the girlfriend of Sidu. It was a small appearance, but she definitely compelled people to take notice of her.

Chetna Pande is quite beautiful, hot and sexy. She is tall and has perfect physical features with very big boobs.

Chetna Pande

Profile of Chetna Pande

Chetna basically belongs to Dehradoon. She has done her education from here and got interested in the modelling because of constant appreciation by her peers about looks.

Chetna was born in 1989 and hence she is currently 26 years old.

Chetna came to Mumbai in search of modeling assignments. Because of her strong inter personal communication skills; she made a strong network of friends. It was not tough for her to get some nice modeling works. She was also offered roles in few new-age serials, which she accepted.

Before Dilwale, Chetna had worked in few movies, including her memorable role in I Don’t Luv You. She has also made a mark in Tollywood.

Chetna says that it was a dream for her when Rohit Shetty directly approached her for a role in Dilwale and asked her to come for audition. She went and SRK was also there. He was impressed with the dialogue delivery of Chetna and instantly approved her for the role of Janny.

Boyfriend of Chetna Pande

There were many men who became part of Chetna’s world. Her first boyfriend was from Dehradoon. Second was when she started modeling career. It is also said that she had been in live-in relationship with the guy.

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