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Kiren Rijiju: Wife, Family and Profile

Kiren Rijiju is one of the most prominent faces of Narendra Modi government. He is currently Union Minister of State for Home. It may seem that he is a junior minister, but in reality he has given some of the toughest jobs of India. He is directly reporting to the PMO for any matter related to North East and Jammu and Kashmir. These two areas are quite controversial and also crucial for the ‘idea of India’ and hence Narendra Modi having faith in him for these two make Kiren a trusted member of his cabinet.

Profile of Kiren Rijiju

Kiren Rijiju was born in 1971 in Arunachal Pradesh. His father Late Rinchin Kharu was a prominent leader of the North East part of India. In fact, Kharu was the first pro tem speaker of Arunachal Pradesh Assembly.

Kiren was having deep interest in social life during his school days. After completing his schooling, he came to Delhi and took admission in the Delhi University – Hansraj College.

Kiren was influenced with the ideology of the BJP since his Hansraj days. He used to think that only BJP has will power and guts to protect the interest of Arunachal Pradesh from the expansionist attitudes of Communist China. Rijiju joined the party and was asked to fight Lok Sabha election in 2004. He won the election, while the bubble of ‘India Shining’ was bursting everywhere in India in that election. As an opposition leader, he impressed everyone. He was never involved in silly politics, but always used the way of debating and dissenting in a constructive way.

Kiren’s popularity was rising and he was expected to win 15th Lok Sabha election. However, he lost by a very narrow margin. Voters of West Arunachal still think that the election was forged. Anyway, Kiran continued to work for the BJP and in 16th Lok Sabha election won the election comprehensively.

The major breakthrough for him comes when Narendra Modi distributed portfolios among ministers. Kiren was given a ‘heavy ministry’, albeit being a State minister.
In a very short span of time, Kiran has become the face of the North East BJP. He is expected to get promotion in the next cabinet reshuffle of Modi government.

Family of Kiren Rijiju

As mentioned above, Mr. Kharu was the father of Kiren. The name of his mother was Chirai Rijiju. As per prevailing customs, Kiren is using the surname of her mother, not father.

Wife of Kiren Rijiju

Joram Rina Rijiju, Wife of Kiren Rijiju

Kiren is married to Joram Rina Rijuju. Actually, they fell for each other during DU days. Kiran was studying in Hansraj College and Joram was in Lady Sriram College. After the first year, both started to live in Hakikat Nagar, Delhi. Gradually, they became friends and later couple.

Kiren and Joram married in 2004, just before Kiran became an MP. The couple has two sons.

Allegation of Corruption against Rijiju

Recently, the Congress party accused Rijiju of corruption in a hydro project going on in Arunachal Pradesh. The allegation of a whopping Rs. 450 Crores. It all started with IPS Officer Satish Verma blaming Rijiju for obstructing his official work and later transferring him from the vigilance role. 

It should be noted that Mr. Satish Varma is the same officer who had accused India... yes, India, of planting 26/11 Mumbai attack as well as the Parliament Attack of 2011. He is actually working on the pay role of Congress party. As far as this allegation is concerned, the finger is being pointed to Rijiju because he had written a letter to the concerned ministry to look into the matter. Being the local MP, it is his duty to listen to his constituency problems. Further, not everyone from his village is his relative as pointed by Indian media. Further, Congress has made a big blunder by recklessly pointing finger to one of the most honest politicians of the contemporary India.


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