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Zandu Lalima: Review, Side Effects and Benefits

Many women face various skin problems, like pimple breakouts, blemishes and acne, among others. It becomes quite disturbing for many as these skin issues can make their face ‘ugly’

Abnormality in menstruation cycle can be one reason behind these skin problems. If you are suffering from irregular period, you should first consult an OBGyne and correct that. If you are normal and still facing skin issues, you can consider taking herbal product, which should give long lasting results without having any sort of side effects.

Zandu Lalima is a similar herbal product, which can help women to effectively tackle lots of skin related problems.

Review of Zandu Lalima

Zandu, as you might know, is a well-known ayurvedic company of India. In certain sections, it is the leading company. Its product Zandu Lalima is quite popular among women.

The basic work of Zandu Lalima is quite simple. It purifies the blood. Toxic elements regularly get in touch of blood through various means and in the process blood becomes impure. One of the main reasons of acne, blemishes and dark circles is impure blood.

Taking Zandu Lalima detoxifies the blood and makes it quite pure. In the process, it makes a lasting impression on the skin. You may not find any acne or any sort of dark spots on your facial skin. However, I must mention here that you will be required to take it for around one month to see some positive changes.

Ingredients of ZanduLalima

Lalima contains lots of herbal ingredients. Some of them are:

-         Nimba
-         Keshar
-         Honey
-         Wheat Germ Oil
-         Triphala
-         Bhringaraj
-         Anantamool
-         Haridra
-         Chirayta
-         Camphor
-         And, many more

If you research about these ingredients, you will come to know that all of them can really work in detoxifying blood and having a very positive impact on the facial skin.

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Dosage of Zandu Lalima

Users should take two tablespoons of Zandu Lalima twice a day.

You can take it with or without food. Ideally, I would suggest you to take it after eating something.

Price of Zandu Lalima

It is quite cheap and anyone can afford it. The 100 ml pack comes with the price tag of only Rs. 50.

Side Effects of Zandu Lalima 

There isn’t any side effect of Zandu Lalima. Even if you take it for prolong duration, you should not have any problem.


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