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Rex's Dimaghi Brain Tonic: Review, Side Effects and Benefits

There has always been a debate among neuroscientists about the efficacy of a supplement that can improve the functioning of the brain. Can a supplement improve the memory and retention power? Majority of them thinks in negative as information is retained and processed in neurons, and it is quite hard for any substance to break the blood-brain barrier.

Blood-brain barrier is a great stuff which ensures that blood doesn’t come in contact with neurons. It saves neurons from chemicals, pollutants and other stuffs that may come with blood. It is also the main reason why the treatment of brain tumor is so hard.

However, Ayurveda differs on this point. It says that there are some herbal products that can improve the functioning of the brain. There is no denying that placebo effect can play a role in this case, also.

REX’s Dimaghi Brain Tonic

Rex’s Dimaghi Brain Tonic is a similar product. It claims to give instant positive result in terms of improving memory. Apart from that, it also claims to give many benefits, like giving relief from stress related fatigue.

Review of Rex’ Dimaghi Brain Tonic

I have used Dimaghi Tonic for few days. I was not looking forward to improve the memory. And, in fact, I didn’t notice something like that.

However, I did feel some positive difference after taking this tonic for around two weeks. The first one is relief from stress induced fatigue, as I have mentioned above. After returning from office, I used to feel quite tired – not able to even spend some quality time with my one year old son. That was a serious issue with me, for which I was taking a multivitamin supplement – without any result. But, this Dimaghi Brain Tonic definitely helped me. I started to feel better even after working hard for the entire day.

I have also experienced positive result in the palpitation of heart – which at many occasions had made me quite tensed. This Dimaghi Tonic definitely helped me on this front. Yes, a tonic which was supposed to be used for brain worked for heart.

Ingredients of Rex’s Dimaghi Brain Tonic

As I have mentioned above, this tonic is made with 100 % natural and herbal products. Following are the list of ingredients:

-         Jadwar
-         Brahmi Booti
-         Mastagi Roomi
-         Khajoor
-         Magze Badam
-         Arq Kewra
-         Warq Nukra
-         Qand Safed
-         Murabba Amla
-         Oode Saleeb

Side Effects of Dimaghi Brain Tonic

If you take a look at the list of ingredients, you can easily decipher that it doesn’t lead to any side effects. There might be some psychological issues, like being allergic to it if taken really for prolong duration, though.

But, overall, it is quite safe to take.

Benefits of Dimaghi Tonic

Following are the main benefits of this tonic:

-         It gives relief from stress resulting from physical and mental work
-         It improves the physical fitness
-         It can improve eyesight
-         It can also improve eyesight and even bad breath can be eliminated
-         Works wonderfully against palpitation of the heart

Dosage of Dimaghi Brain Tonic

Users should take two tablespoon of this tonic with breakfast/meal. Take it while eating something or just after eating. Avoid taking it in the empty stomach.