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S. S. Maitra, JNU and Priyanka Gandhi: A Love Story

There is no denying that anti-India slogans were raised inside the campus of the JNU. No sovereign state in the world can allow these types of things to happen. Naturally, the police arrested the President of the Students’ Union, Kanhaiya Kumar, for his alleged involvement in this anti-India activity. Later, two other accused also surrendered.

This episode has given a sort of LIFE to Modi haters – from media like Rajdeep and Barkha and from Politicians like Rahul Gandhi, Kejriwal and Nitish Kumar. But, they forget that the Indian judiciary is quite independent. They should first wait for the outcome of the court case. But, who cares in India?

The pathological hate for Modi has definitely made them anti-India. Someone should tell them that Modi is not synonyms of India.

Arrest of a JNU Professor

When Rahul Gandhi went to the JNU and severely politicized this issue, he forgets a crime done by the state agency.

A professor of the JNU was arrested for proposing Priyanka Gandhi.

S. S. Maitra a senior Professor of JNU in the Biotechnology department of the JNU was picked up by the police from the University campus. Yes, police went there without any permission of the Vice Chancellor and picked up the Professor for questioning. He was arrested on March 1, 1996.

His fault was just proposing Priyanka Gandhi.

As you might know, the entire Gandhi family was under SPG security after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. And, hence it was not possible for a general public to personally meet Priyanka Gandhi. Hence, S S Maitra send some ‘love letters’. Yes, he didn’t propose Priyanka verbally. He proposed with the love letter.

And, he was arrested.

At that time, the entire media didn’t question this detention. In fact, majority of them supported the police action.

And, at this juncture, they are opposing the arrest of people, not student, who made anti-India slogans.

Remember, the genesis of Pakistan and Khalistan was started through these types of slogans. You can’t ignore them on the premise of the freedom of speech.

On a side note, Robert Vadra used different methods to befriend Priyanka and easily surpassed the high security apparatus.