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Caste of Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh is the current heart throb of Indian teenage girls. He is considered as the next super star, who like Shah Rukh Khan is going to mark in the Bollywood without having any ‘God Father’, or better to say without having any ‘direct connection’ with the Bollywood.

Ranveer Singh has become a sort of sensation with some of his recent films. His performance in Gunday and Bajirao Mastani was simply scintillating.

Caste of Ranveer Singh

People are really confused with the exact caste of Ranveer Singh. It is because of his surname – Singh.

Actually, the caste of Ranveer Singh is Sindhi. Yes, he is a Sindhi Hindu. But, you won’t find any Sindhi with surname Singh.

The real surname of Ranveer is Bhavnani. As you might know, NI at the end is an indication of Sindi – like Dhiru Bhai Ambani, Gautam Adani, Lal Krishna Advani and Ram Jethmalani, among others.

Ranveer was dreaming about working in Bollywood while he was pursuing graduation from the US. At that time, he also thought about keeping a surname which people can easily recall. He was not sure about Bhavnani. And, hence he decided to go for Ranveer Singh.

His grandfather was a Sikh and hence it was easy for Ranveer to go for this surname.
The legal name of Ranveer is still Ranveer Bhavnani and all of his bank accounts have the same name.

Ranveer Singh and Anil Kapoor

As I have mentioned above, Ranveer Singh had not ‘God Father’ in the Bollywood. But, he is not as such unrelated to any of the Bollywood personalities.

You might be surprised to know that Ranveer Singh is the cousin of Sonam Kapoor and Anil Kapoor is his uncle. However, it should be mentioned here that he didn’t took help of Anil Kapoor for finding a space in the Bollywood. The only help he got for Anil Kapoor was an easy access to the office of Aditya Chopra and audition for Band Bazaa Baraat. He was selected on his own credentials, not because of relationship with Anil Kapoor. And, his performances have also shown that he is quite capable of making a mark in the Bollywood.


  1. Neeta Ambani5:32 PM

    ambani adani both are baniya not sindhi.

  2. Anonymous6:20 AM

    He is a Sindhi and isn't 100% outsider like SRK, he is cousin of Sonam Kapoor for part of his mom so he had connection with the industry


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