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Kamlesh Narwana and Kanhaiya Kumar

Kanhaiya Kumar Singh has become a new beacon of hope for Leftist parties, and anti-Modi media. The arrest of Kanhaiya Singh by Delhi Police under the then Commissioner B S Bassi may be termed as a knee jerk reaction, which has now backfired. But, there is also no denying that Kanhaiya was involved in anti-national activities. Only recently, he had given speech where he openly termed Indian Army as rapists of Kashmiri Women.

There is new twist of Kanhaiya Kumar saga. It is from an ex-JNU student Kamlesh Parmeshwari Kamlesh alias Kamlesh Narwana. She had written an open letter to Kanhaiay on her Facebook Wall. The letter didn’t get much attention initially, however, has now become viral. It is because of the content of the letter which shows that Kanhaiaya, like a true comrade, doesn’t give any respect to women.

Kamlesh Narwana and Kanhaiaya Kumar

Kamlesh remembers her only, and as per her hopefully last encounter with moron Kanhaiay, when she found him urinating on the road inside the JNU campus. He was not urinating at the side of the road, but in the middle of the road. He had seen girls coming forward, but kept urinating. When Kamlesh objected to his behavior, he threatened her, abused her and then asked her to consult a psychiatrist.

Kamlesh Parmeshwari

For Kanhaiaya, a modern girl having objection after seeing a male private part on the road is worth considering a mental case. For him, Kamlesh’ objection to his misdeeds was a proof that she is mentally ill.

Kamlesh asks in the open letter than is he showing the revolutionary tool to the world in the form of unzipping and bringing out penis in the middle of the road.

She filed a complaint and after proper inquiry, Kanhaiaya was found to be guilty. He was fined Rs. 3000.

By the way, Kamlesh Parmeshwari has been associated with JNU for 11 years, of which she was a student for 7 years. She regards the University as quite progressive and forward looking. She understands that there are few rotten apples in this great University, like Kanhaiay Kumar.

JNU Response

Replying to the media houses, the JNU administrator has issued a statement where they said that Kanhaiya was indeed fined for Rs. 3, 000 for misbehaving a woman. Here is the scanned copy of the response:


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